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A sort of parody comic about dogs. Contains blood, violence and swearing.


» No new page this week

There won´t be new pages this week, since my wrist became too strained due to using it too much at work and freetime. So the doctor ordered me to not use it for a while, but hopefully it'll heal soon.

» TF is back from the break!

I'm terribly sorry for the long break. But now Thunder Fang will be updating again, starting this Sunday (4.1.) and hopefully without any more breaks.
Also, TF has a new cover (and a new theme/appearance) :)

» TF on an update break

So few weeks ago I started my exchange student period in Netherlands. I was hoping I could use the school´s scanner to get new pages on computer, but it turns out the quality of the scan is just not good enough for that. So at the moment I´m unable to update TF.
Unless I find another scanner, it is most likely that TF won´t be updated until the end of January, when I return to Finland. I´ll keep drawing the pages when I have the time, though, so I´ll have something to update as soon as I get my hands on a good scanner.
Sorry about this. I really wanted to keep updating the comic despite the exchange thing, but it´s not currently possible.

» Updates on Sundays

TF will get at least one new page every Sunday from now on. (Unless I'm busy or something, of which I'll try to inform here in the News or in the comments of the newest page.)

» Some info and stuff

Hi, I finally started to translate my comic. No update schedule yet, since I'll be translating and uploading the pages in chunks when I got the time.

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